What to Wear When Flying

February 28, 2022

Wondering what to wear when flying? Here’s what I’ve learned after traveling extensively for the past 18+ years.

Comfortable and stylish!

Let me first begin by saying: dress well!

  • You feel more energetic and better about yourself if you are dressed well.
  • Airline staff will treat you better (trust me!) I’ve experienced the difference myself.
  • You might even get extra perks like being offered free airport hotel accommodation in a situation when your flight is delayed (it happened to me!) or you might get upgraded to a better seat on the plane (it happened to me as well!).

And yes it is totally possible to be both super stylish and comfortable when you fly. So my advice is to ditch the slouchy old sweater, yoga pants and scruffy comfort shoes for something better.

The Maxi Dress

I’m done with finding the perfect pair of travel pants. My number one style tip is The Maxi Dress (preferably with a little sleeve). Long flowy dresses are so much more comfortable and they will instantly make you put well together.

Here are some of my current favorite Maxi Dresses.

Styling the Maxi dress in Winter  

Most airlines have blankets and extra warm wooly socks, so don’t worry that you’ll be cold in the plane if you don’t wear pants.

Here’s how I style my Maxi dresses in winter when I’m flying.

  • Sheer black stockings or tights.
  • Soft leather ankle boots, comfortably ‘worn in’ Brogues, Ballerina flats, Loafers, Flats. No Ugg (ly ) boots! For quality leather shoes I usually shop at Manfield in the Netherlands. I also love Church’s shoes.
  • A long coat (which you can easily drape over your arm if you are hot in the airport, or use it over your legs as an extra blanket when you are cold in the plane).
  • A snuggly scarf.

Right now I’m loving these coats and shoes.

Styling the Maxi dress in Summer

  • White sneakers
  • Denim jacket (optional)
  • Light scarf (optional)

The Big Bag

Round off your outfit with a big bag- perfect for stuffing in all sorts of carry on essentials.  I don’t even bother with a carry on suitcase anymore, because I don’t want to deal with getting up during flights to get my suitcase out of the overhead compartment to find the things I need.  

I just carry everything in my big handbag which I can easily store under my legs or seat during take off and landing. Here are some of my favorite bags right now. Most of them come in a range of different colors as well:)

A trench coat!

For instant style, simply throw on a trench coat! Best airport fashion tip ever:)


Don’t be afraid that your accessories will set off the security scanner! By all means: wear them! A bit of bling will instantly perk up a tired face.

Wear a nice statement watch to keep track of the time so that you don’t need to reach for your phone.  I also like to wear my favorite rings. They bring me comfort and joy especially when I feel a bit tired and grumpy.

Final thoughts…

Look fully put together and wear something on your nails! A nude shade on short nails will go a long way.

Consider a professional blow dry before the flight. What a game changer this has been for me. A professional blow dry makes me feel like a hundred bucks especially when I’m tired, and it makes my hair look nice for up to three days–an extra bonus when traveling!

In case you liked this post, perhaps you might also enjoy my 10 Favorite Must Haves for Flying. Wishing you happy travels!

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