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August 4, 2021

I recently spoke to a lovely fashionable lady who told me she received a Hermes Kelly bag from her husband for her birthday. A Hermes Kelly is on my wishlist too; but I just don’t have that sort of budget yet. I’m always on the lookout for good-quality, stylish handbags under 1000 Euro. While investigating ‘stylish bags’, and appreciating the shapes and styles of iconic luxury bags I picked up a few tips:

  1. Make sure the bag has a more boxy or structured shape, with clean lines and a clean finish.
  2. Stay away from unstructured bags, as they tend to look more informal.
  3. Look for a bag with no visible, cheap-looking side zippers, or too-prominent logos.
  4. Opt for leather—it’s durable, and can look more more high-end, too! If you don’t support leather then skip to the end of the post to see my favorite stylish non leather bags.

Finally, I found my two dream brands: Teddy Blake and Strathberry (not a sponsored post!). I love these stylish handbags that don’t cost a fortune!

Teddy Blake Handbags

Landing on Teddy Blake’s homepage their slogan grabbed my attention straight away:

Democratize the luxury leather industry.’

I was ready to explore more! As I browsed through Teddy Blake’s website, I found bag upon bag that I fell in love with. Each style comes in many different colors. Let me share with you some of my Teddy Blake favorites!

Teddy Blake Ava comes in 6″, 9″, 11″, and 14″ sizes, with silver or gold accents. The bag is described as a modern twist on an iconic chic design, and it’s gotten great reviews.

Teddy Blake Kim comes in 11″ and 14″. They also have gorgeous pink and purple bags in their new collection!

Teddy Blake Giorgia 14″ has a sleek design and a unique closure.

Teddy Blake Chiara 11″ presents with sharp notes added to a non conventional shape.

Disclaimer: The above products are not sold as, or intended to be, dupes or copies of Hermes bags, although they have many similar features. Teddy Blake is a completely legit, independent brand.

Strathberry Handbags

My second dream brand is Strathberry. Their leather bags are made in Spain and Italy.

‘At Strathberry, we acknowledge that our activities have a potential impact on the environment and, therefore, we have a duty to ensure we implement sustainable practices and, as a company, adopt a strategy that is both responsible and ethical.’


WOW! Isn’t this just what every girl wants to hear?

I was also pleased to learn that their products are no mass-product and that each bag is crafted by hand!

Currently these beauties are on my wishlist.

Jafferjees Handbags

Another brand that has stolen my heart due to their reasonable price (under a 100 euro!), high-quality leather, and striking variety is a Pakistani company called Jafferjees.

They have great leather items for men, as well! For more information check out

Unfortunately they don’t do international shipping, but if you happen to be in Pakistan why not give them a go?

More Stylish Handbags under 1000 euro

1. In the mini bag class I like Givenchy’s mini 4G Vertical Bag in Box Leather or the mini GV3 Bag in Leather and Suede

2. Tory Burch has loads of classic and stylish bags well under the 1000 Euro price mark! I really like the Miller Shoulder bag or the Miller Top handle Satchel.

3. Mulberry has some stylish equestrian inspired bags. Most designs come in a variety of different colors. I love the style of these bags. Here are some of my favorite finds:)

4. This Charlotte Elizabeth Bloomsburry Top Handle handcrafted from British leather Handbag is a steal for the price.

Non leather options…

  1. Matt and Nat Adelsm Small Vegan Satchel-Purity

2. Alexandra K 1.6.1 Grey Taupe

3. Angela Roi Hamilton Crossbody Signet Mud Beige

4. Ava Carrington Stockholm Satchel Camel

I hope you enjoyed my curated favorite handbags selection. If you are interested in similar lifestyle articles, check out my Trustworthy Beauty Favorites.

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