Secrets of Creating Wealth

August 22, 2021

Would all of us travelers like to know? I’m already planning my next trip to the Maldives after reading all these books!

These 5 Books about Creating Wealth highlight some conventional and unconventional methods (such as the law of attraction) to create wealth.

They all have one thing in common: we can become rich when we change our mindsets! I’ll begin with my favorite book ‘The Science of Getting Rich,’ and provide a bit of a longer introduction because I like this book so much!

1. The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace Wattles (1860-1911); was a visionary born way ahead of his time. I find it hard to believe that this kind of knowledge already exited in 1910!

Here briefly is my takeaway from Wattle’s book: The science of getting Rich.

The Universe is made of what Wattles calls “thinking stuff,” from which all things are made.

When we think a thought, we are able to create that which we have thought about.

We do so by being creative, not competitive; because the “formless intelligence” is always creative; never competitive.

Create money with your thoughts

We can remain on the creative plane and be in harmony with the “formless substance,” if we practice gratitude. When we want to have, do or become something we must think about it in detail, and be grateful that the universe is setting events in motion to give it to us.

Creative energy works through conventional routes of natural growth, and social and industrial order. We will get what we want through established trade and commerce. We must do every day all that we can to work towards realizing the image we have created in our minds.

Wattles says man must give to people more value than what they pay for, so that each transaction makes more life. In such a way the impression of Increase will be communicated to all with whom he comes into contact. 

If we practice these preceding instructions, we will certainly get rich; and the riches we receive will be in exact proportion to the detail of our visions, fixed purpose, the steadiness of our faith and the intensity of our gratitude.

The Science of Getting Rich is a book based on the monistic theory of the universe – all is one and one is all. The law of nature is advancement and growth. It is man’s right to be able to participate in the beauty and richness that life has to offer, therefore every man has the right to create wealth.

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad, Poor Dad tells the story of Kiyosaki’s two fathers. His own father ended up dying poor while his best friend’s father became one of the wealthiest men in Haiwaii.

Both men shaped Kiyosaki’s views about money. In short, he learned that you don’t need to earn a lot to be rich and that rich people make money work for them.

A must read for creating wealth!

3. The Millionaire Fastlane, by M.J De Marco

How can entrepreneurs succeed? How can you get really rich? How can you make your business function without you?

The Millionaire Fastlane cracks the code to wealth and sheds light on the problematic ways in which society has taught us to earn money.

4. The Millionaire Mind, by Thomas J. Stanley

The Millionaire Mind takes a look at how some of America’s wealthiest families have created and maintained their wealth.

The author tries to understand the Millionaire’s mind by exploring topics like:

What were wealthy people’s school days like? How did they respond to adverse criticism? What kind of wives do they marry? What role does religion play in their lives?

5. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker

Why is it that some people get rich easily while others struggle financially their whole lives.

Eker says creating wealth has nothing to do with jobs, investments, skills, luck or education etc.

The answer is that we all have a financial blueprint, and this blueprint will determine our wealth and success for the rest of our lives!

Part 1 explains how your money blueprint works.

Part 2 shows you how to act and think like rich people do.

In case you enjoyed this post about creating wealth, then perhaps you might also like a little summary of Napoleon Hill’s book: Think and Grow Rich here, or Inspirational Books to change your mindset, change your life!


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