Innahura Resort Maldives

August 3, 2021

We looked at many resorts in the Maldives before we finally settled on Innahura Resort (not a sponsored post!). It ticked all the right boxes, and we were sold! Here’s what you can expect at Innahura:

✔︎ Easy-to-understand packages

✔︎ Diving and snorkelling

✔︎ Great-looking swimming pool

✔︎ Great value for money

✔ Variety of activities

Innahura Resort gets a lavish score of 9.5 for comfort on; and we were most certainly not disappointed!

Nothing beats sitting in one of these deck chairs at the infinity pool, sipping on a cold drink, and enjoying the endless expanse of blue sea.

Two lonely green chairs and an umbrella on the deck in front of the infinity swimming pool at Innahura Resort.
Swimming Pool View

Getting to Innahura Resort

Like most resorts in the Maldives, one can only reach Innahura by seaplane. When you arrive at Male’s Velana International Airport, go to the dedicated seaplane counters, from which you’ll be transferred to the relevant terminal.

Our journey to Innahura took about 45 minutes. Don’t forget to charge your phone or camera, as the views from the plane are superb! Here, you can see the landing dock at the resort:

Arriving at Innahura Resort

We went for breakfast straight after our arrival at Innahura. I was still dressed in my jeans and sneakers, and caught many a friendly eye glancing knowingly in our direction. Of course, they had all been there: fresh off the seaplane with city vibes still clinging to their legs.

Sitting at our little table, sipping on my coffee and staring at the people, it struck me how slowly everyone was walking. My legs itched to go somewhere and get things done—but, by the end of the day, I too had learned the ‘Innahura shuffle’:

'Beach, breakfast, beach; pool, lunch, bar; pool, spa, beach; room, beach, dinner; bar, pool; room!'

Stylish and Unpretentious

True to reviews, Innahura Resort is a no-frills, no-fuss sort of place. Over the course of our stay, we noticed mainly young professionals, young families, or more mature couples enjoying the island vibes.

While we were doing our research for a place to stay, we decided to avoid the overly-fancy resorts, because we really just wanted to hang out in our most comfortable old clothes and not care about appearances.

We also wanted to be at the sort of place where people don’t constantly pose at every available spot for their social media accounts!

We certainly got the impression that photo taking was not so in-your-face. I also appreciated that the staff were pretty unobtrusive, but easy to find when we needed them.

Barefoot Dining

We ate all our meals at Dhoni, the main restaurant, and I was always delighted at the daily variety of different nutritious dishes they served. After eight nights, I still wasn’t tired of the food!

Best of all, you can just enter the restaurant barefoot—no need to worry about scrambling for your sandals!

Bungalows on the Beach

The bungalow we stayed in was perfect for our needs. At first, I wasn’t so sure about that semi-outdoor bathroom, but it was quite nice!

Here is a handy video if you want to check out what the bungalows at Innahura Resort look like:

Tip: We really loved our ‘sunrise bungalow’, which faces the open sea rather than the lagoon.


Innahura Resort is also home to ProDivers, a professional dive centre. My husband did around 5 dives with them during our stay, and he absolutely loved it. The equipment and the boats are top-notch, and the dive sites were stunning—amazing visibility and an incredible array of underwater life to enjoy!

One of the particular highlights was The Shipyard, where two sunken tuna fishing boats have formed an amazing reef.

Excursion to the 5.8 Restaurant

On our last night, I was in for a special surprise! My awesome husband arranged a trip to 5.8 Undersea Restaurant. Together with another couple, we shared a speedboat to Hurawalhi Resort (arranged easily at Innahura’s reception).

Hurawalhi is more than happy to welcome visitors from other resorts like Innahura— but be sure to book ahead. They are very popular!

I won’t add too many spoilers here. You can check out a short video clip of this spectacular restaurant and the food on my Instagram @sincerelyelaineblog.

Innahura Resort Fun Facts

  • Innahura is home to bats and crabs that scuttle about at night, and they’re often accompanied by other creatures, including snails and lizards. The grounds are well-lit, but an extra flashlight comes in handy!
  • It’s possible to walk around the island in about 15 minutes.
  • Innahura really does have great eco-friendly practices in mind. While we were there, we each got an eco bag with our names on it, and you can buy a handy eco water bottle for refills.
  • Drinking water is unlimited and free!
  • Innahura also has a great new initiative to start a sustainable vegetable garden.

Farewell, and see you again!

‘Did you not get tired of staying on a little island for such a long time?’ asked a friend when we returned.’Certainly not!’ I replied, already thinking about my next visit to the Maldives.
As they say in Innahura: ‘Here, life is easy!’

A Pretty Pink Lotus Flower represents the Plant life at Innahura Resort.
Lotus Flower

Style Inspirations

Innahura is a laid back place as I’ve mentioned, but I saw many ladies wear really beautiful flowy dresses in the evenings. When you’re at the Maldives you see people in swimsuits all day long. Sometimes a bit of ‘cover up’ can be quite refreshing:) Here are some of my favorite (budget-mid-expensive) romantic dresses for next time when we visit the Maldives again. xxx

Got any questions? Check out Innahura Resort’s extensive Q&A page at
Do you have personal favorite resorts in the Maldives? Please drop a comment in the box below.

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