Great Safari Camps in Kruger National Park

August 3, 2021

Are you planning a safari trip to South Africa’s Kruger National Park, but aren’t sure where to stay? In this article, I’ll tell you about Great Safari Camps in Kruger National Park.


Skukuza is Kruger National Park’s largest camp, with excellent facilities. The camp shop is very well-stocked for self-catering purposes, and the restaurants serve delicious meals.

We especially loved the recently-opened Saluti Restaurant, situated at the former train station. First let me mention the free fast Wifi connection at Saluti which is definitely a plus. If you are tired of game watching or hanging out in your tent, it is a nice place to relax with your computer or a book.

Besides the wonderful location, the food is quite different from your average coffeeshop/restaurant fare. We loved their savoury mince toast, cottage cheese and avocado sandwiches, and oat milk cappuccinos!

We actually drove all the way from Berg-en-Dal back to Skukuza just to eat at that restaurant again, because I craved a gluten-free burger. What a treat to have dairy-free and gluten free options in a national park!

There is a nice play area for kids as well at Saluti Train Restaurant. Here are a few pictures of our dining experience at Saluti:

We could not complain about our cabin, which was very clean and comfortable. The only downside were the washing machines and dryers in the laundry room: only one washing machine and dryer worked. The others were not repaired and maintained.

Hopefully, the issue has been resolved, by now. My recommendation is if you have limited time, stay in Skukuza! It is a comfortable well equipped base for a your safari adventures in Kruger.

Crocodile Bridge

Crocodile Bridge is a small rest camp on the southern border of the park, only kilometers away from Mozambique. Its camp shop is relatively small, and there are no restaurants.

Upon first impressions, there seems little reason to recommend Crocodile Bridge over some of the larger camps in Kruger National Park; yet we really enjoyed it.

Our cottage was located right by the fence. We saw many animals wandering the open plains from our porch, such as rhinos and impalas. In the evening, a herd of elephants came to eat the nearby tree leaves while we were standing mere meters away!

Here is a bit of the scenery around Crocodile Bridge:

Lower Sabie

Lower Sabie, on the tarred road from Crocodile Bridge to Skukuza, is located on the Sabie River. It has a Mugg and Bean restaurant/coffeeshop (also home to a flock of vibrant blue Starlings) and a very decent camp shop. The camp itself generally has a pleasant feel to it.

Best of all was the game viewing in the surrounding area. We spotted dozens of elephants and buffaloes roaming the river banks. We even saw a couple of lions resting near a dam on the other side of the river!

Just a few hundred meters north of Lower Sabie is a watering hole, where we found crocodiles and hippos lazing around. Absolutely recommended!

Here are a few pictures of the vibe around Lower Sabie:

Berg- en- Dal

Berg-en-Dal is somewhat different from the other southern camps in Kruger National Park. The area is much more densely vegetated, and it is located in a valley between the hills. We loved this camp!

Tindlovu restaurant’s interior has a lovely bright, airy, modern African vibe, although the food was just ‘fine’.

The cottage in Berg-en-Dal was by far the best we stayed at in Kruger! It wasn’t the usual small rondavel, but a spacious, beautiful apartment with a large terrace and outside seating—a perfect braai hangout for you and your guests.

The game viewing here was equally magnificent. Just outside Berg-en-Dal, we encountered a large herd of rhinos; at the nearby watering hole, we found many elephants, buffaloes, and zebras drinking. We even heard a lion roar so loudly, that night, he must have been only meters away from our fence…

Another striking feature of Berg-en-Dal was the benches dedicated to deceased family members, standing in the tranquil surroundings of the camp’s well-maintained grounds.

I sat on one of these benches for a moment, thinking about these people, their lives, and those who loved them, as they now rested in peace there.

Olifants Rest Camp

Olifants Rest Camp’s location is unrivaled. Really—try to book one of the cottages (there are no campsites here) right on the river!

The views are just fantastic: you can see for kilometers! It’s easy to spend hours just sitting on your balcony with your binoculars trying to spot some crocodiles or elephants.

The restaurant is adequate, and the facilities are good—but that’s not why you go to Olifants!


Shingwedzi is in the northern section of Kruger National Park, which is remarkably quieter than the southern one. This camp is absolutely lovely and very spaciously set up. The cottages are roomy, with nice porches and braai facilities.

Outside view of two huts at Shingwedzi camp

Even though we visited during the wet summer season, we saw many animals around Shingwedzi, including buffaloes, cheetahs, and a pack of African wild dogs.

If you prefer a quieter environment and are not dead-set on just ticking off the ‘Big Five’, leave the south and seek solace at Shingwedzi

Five wild dogs running on a wet road through the Kruger National Park

Other camps to check out: Letaba, Orpen, Mopani, Pretoriuskop, Satara, Punda Maria.

For more information about South Africa’s National Parks check out the official webpage here or this handy link below:

Do you have a favorite camp in Kruger or do you have any tips about Kruger National Park? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below:)

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