July 18, 2022

I always like to jazz it up a bit when I’m out visiting museums. Whether that means wearing some really eye catching spectator shoes, or a wild frilly blouse– museums inspire me to dress creatively! With this in mind I’ve decided to share with you my current inspirations for cute museum outfits!

Louisa Blouse (under $100)

Dotty skirt (under $50)

Penny loafers (under $100)

Black Darley Satchel (under $600)

Sneakers (under $115)

Midi Venice bag (under $500)

Long Sleeve Blouse (under $50)

Summer inspirations

At the gorgeous Maurits Huis museum to see the girl with the pearl earring

The skirt is from Mango, and I picked up this frilly shirt in a small Dutch Boutique. I couldn’t find it online, but here are similar items to create the same sort of look!

The Maurits Huis in the Hague must be one of my favorite museums in the world! It is small and intimate with a great collection of works. I also really like how the art works are displayed against color rich backdrops. The Maurits Huis Museum is perhaps most famous for hosting the marvelous Girl with the pearl earring! Here she is, but you best go see her for yourself!

Romantic blouses

Visiting a museum always leaves me with a feeling of old world romance. Perhaps this is why I’m drawn to romantic sort of outfits in the summer months.

Romantic blouses are light and flouncy and can easily be teamed up with skirts. Best of all, they don’t take a lot of space in your suitcase!

Here is a collection of some pretty romantic romantic blouses on my wishlist…


Generally I like to wear closed toe shoes in museums, because my feet always get cold in the AC! My ‘go to’ sort of shoes when I’m out sight seeing are mostly comfortable white sneakers. Stylish white sneakers look good with most oufits.

In cooler months…

In cooler months, I’m drawn towards dresses and blazers and chelsea boots, or some eye popping shoes like my favorite brogues!

Inside the Museum of Modern art in Amsterdam
Outside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The shoes are handmade, but I found similar ones at Etsy in case you like them and similar dotty skirts below.


And don’t forget the ultimate accessory to round off your cute museum outfit- the crossbody bag! These are my favorite crossbody bags for traveling!

More style inspirations

Looking for more cute museum outfit style inspirations? I’m loving these items right now…

Wishing all my fellow museum lovers a happy trip to your next museum! Any museums you can recommend me to visit? Please let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to go when I’m traveling again!

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