11 Books for Success in Life!

August 22, 2021

When you change your mindset, you can change your life! Hope you find these 11 Books for success in life introductions useful in case you are looking for something inspiring to read next:)

1. The Happiness Advantage,  by Shawn Achor

We mostly think that our actions (like working hard and becoming successful) will make us happy, but Achor argues that happiness should come first.

Happiness can actually be the fuel that drives people to become successful, not the other way around.

In his years of extensive research in the field of positive psychology, Achor found that it is possible to cultivate a happy positive brain with seven principles. Specifically you will learn:

  1. The Happiness Advantage– Positive brains have a biological advantage. Once we learn to train our brains to be positive, we can increase productivity and performance.
  2. The Fulcrum and the Lever– Our mindset influences the way we experience the world. Once we learn how to change our mindset, we gain the power to be more fulfilled in life.
  3. The Tetris Effect– Our brains stack negative thoughts, failures and stress like Tetris blocks. Once we learn to recognize and interrupt these patterns of thinking, we can empower ourselves to view these challenges as ‘possibilities’ instead.
  4. Falling Up– This principles teaches us to seek the mental path that leads us up and out of challenging times and to feel happier and more successful because we have been able to overcome our difficulties.
  5. The Zorro Circle– This principle teaches you to break challenges into manageable goals and slowly taking on bigger goals.
  6. The 20-Second Rule– This principle teaches you to make small energy adjustments to improve your willpower and form good habits.
  7. Social Investment– This principle illustrates the importance of reaching to family and friends or other social support during difficult times

The Happiness Advantage shows how small changes in attitude can lead to great rewards at work, home and elsewhere in life.

2. Learned Optimism, by Martin E.P. Seligman

Learned optimism is the opposite of learned helplessness. It means that we can learn to be in charge of our thoughts and behaviors.

This book offers many tools and strategies to increase well- being. When we begin to replace negative self- talk with positive self- talk for example we can positively impact our performance, intrinsic motivation, immune system, and all other areas of life.

3. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, by Brian Tracy

Tracy’s work is built on the great principle that we become what we mostly think about. “Our outer world is a mirror image of our inner world.”

Tracy believes you can tell the inner condition of a person by looking at the outer conditions of his or her life.

Once we are able to control what we think, we are able to take control over our lives. This book gives you strategies to help you to tap into your inner resources so that you can change your way of thinking and change your life.

4. The Obstacle Is The Way, by Ryan Holiday

Inspired by the philosophy of the Stoics, Holiday shows us how to turn failures and obstacles into our advantage.

Holiday uses examples from history, business and literature to show us how obstacles can be tackled effectively through applying three basic steps: changing our perception or the way we view the obstacle, applying energy to act and the change the obstacle into an opportunity, and growing a strong inner will to handle setback and difficulties.

5. Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind, by Joe Dispenza

Dispenza explains how the brain works and why we get stuck in the same old negative patterns of thinking and behavior.

It is important to know that; “Your consciousness is not your brain but it transcends it”. Once we understand this better, it is possible to reprogram and evolve the brain so that we can learn new positive habits to improve our lives.

6. You are the Placebo- Making Your Mind Matter, by Joe Dispenza

In this book Dr Joe Dispenza shares several documented cases of people who have reversed severe illnesses by believing in a placebo.

Dispenza argues it is possible to heal or make the body sick with the mind alone. He also offers ways in which we can learn to change our thoughts.

7. Awaken the Giant Within, by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins believes that we all have within us the power to change anything and everything in an instant. In this this book he teaches strategies to empower us to take charge of our beliefs, feelings and actions, so that we may take control of our lives.

8. The Magic of Thinking Big, by David J. Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big offers 13 useful methods to get the most out of your life.

Each chapter is illustrated with inspiring cases from real life case studies. 

Broadly speaking Schwartz emphasizes the importance of being human and treating all people equally, using your mind to make things possible, focusing on positivity, and stretching your capacity to get more things done not less.

9. Principles: Life and Work, by  Ray Dalio

In Principles: Life and Work, Dalio shares what he has learned in his remarkable career at investment firm; Bridgewater Associates.

The three part book offers insight into Dalio’s autobiography, a guide to principles of life and a guide to principles of work. 

Dalio’s lessons are built on the cornerstone of ‘radical truth’ and ‘radical transparency’.

There is also a great summarizing cartoon about his book here: 

10. Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown

Dr Brown has spent more than two decades of research studying courage, shame, vulnerability and empathy. 

In this book she concludes that vulnerability is not a weakness but that it is instead a measure of courage. 

Vulnerability dares us to get uncomfortable and risk rejection. 

It may be hard to put yourself out there, but it is worse to live a life in which you are on the outside looking in, wishing you had the courage to participate.

11. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff, by Richard Carlson

People are prone to getting all worked up or putting things out of perspective when it really isn’t necessary. 

When we are mindful of the way how we relate to our problems, we are able to solve them much easier. 

In this book Carlson presents 100 strategies to respond to life in a more relaxed and graceful way. 

Interestingly the strategies also represent Carlson’s own approach to life—following the path of least resistance. Zen philosophy teaches us when we learn to ‘let go’ of problems instead of resisting, our lives will begin to flow. 

The first two strategies and rules of harmony are ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ and ‘it’s all small stuff’.

More Books for Success in Life:

  • Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones – James Clear
  • Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know – Adam Grant
  • Finding your own North Star- Martha Beck

Do you have a personal mindset success story to share? Please drop a comment in the box below. I’d love to hear from you!

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