Afford your dream vacation with ‘Think and Grow Rich’

January 26, 2022

Is it possible to afford your dream vacation, get your dream job, and be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? You can have it all according to Napoleon Hill, if you use your mind to think and grow rich!

Think and Grow Rich,  by Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1937; Think and Grow Rich is considered one of the greatest self-help books of all time.

Hill draws from the experiences of more than 500 famous US businessmen including Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to show how creating wealth is possible if you use your thoughts.

Hill suggests this book should be studied in school and children must write exams on it. I totally agree with his sentiment!

Hill encourages the reader to actively interact with the material, and underline things that speak to you.

There are 15 fantastic chapters in this book. To give you a taste of Hill’s ideas about creating wealth, I will summarize things that grabbed my attention in the first half of Think and Grow Rich.

It all starts with an idea

Think and Grow Rich is for people who think beyond what can not be done, but seek to go against those rules. For creating wealth, there will first be an idea.

“The greatest achievement was, at first, and for a time, but a dream.”

Napoleon Hill

After the idea there is the desire to know what you want and persevere to make it happen. If the desire is strong enough (like an obsession) success is inevitable!

Persist even in the face of potential failure because as Hill says; ‘Gold may only be three feet away’.

When you meet defeat; tell yourself it is just temporary. Be reminded that in every ‘failure’ is a seed of success.

Be smart enough to recognize opportunity because it often comes in a disguised form. When one is ready for a thing; it will come into your life, but you must believe you can get it; not hope or wish for it but really believe.

“Success comes to those who become SUCCESS CONSCIOUS. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become FAILURE CONSCIOUS.”

Napoleon Hill

Desire — the first step to wealth

Desire for riches can be achieved by 6 steps:

1. Know exactly how much money you want. The universe works in details

2. Know that you cannot get something for nothing. What will you give to get the money
you desire?

3. Decide by what date you will have your intended money

4. Create a plan for executing your financial goal and put it into action right away

5. Write out your plan in detail

6. Read out your plan aloud morning and night. While doing so convince yourself that it is
already reality.

“If you do not see great riches in your imagination, you will
never see them in your bank balance.”

napoleon Hill

Faith — the second step to wealth

Faith is visualizing and believing that you will get your desire. You are the sum of your thoughts. In order to strengthen personal self confidence, Hill gives a practical self confidence formula:

1. Demand of yourself persistent action to achieve the object of your definite purpose in

2. Know that your thoughts become your reality. Devote 30 minutes daily to thinking about
the person you wish to become.

3. Spend ten minutes a day to develop your self confidence.

4. Write down your chief aim in life, and promise yourself you will never give up trying until
to have developed enough self confidence to attain your aim.

5. Realize that long lasting wealth and position is built on truth and justice.

Positive Affirmations — the third step to wealth

Use positive wealth affirmations (Hill calls them auto suggestions) to reprogram your subconscious mind’s false beliefs about money.

If you are stuck at creating a plan (see Desire step 4 then do the following three steps), keep concentrating on your desire.

Have faith that your subconscious will come up with a plan for you to obtain your desire!

1. Write out a declaration: I_______will have X amount of money by the _____ day of
____month in the year_______. In return for this money I will give the best I can to
obtain this money. I believe that I will have this money. I can see it and touch it. It is
waiting to come to me. I am waiting for a plan to come to me by which I can get this
money. I will follow the plan when it comes to me.

2. Repeat this statement day and night until you can really imagine it.

3. Put your statement where you can see it and read it day and night.

Specialized Knowledge — the fourth step to wealth

To attract money, you can not rely on knowledge alone. You need a plan of action with a definite goal. The word educate comes from Latin meaning to educe, draw out or develop from within.

Make your plans by developing them in your mind and drawing them out from within. Hill says it is important to ‘think about what you want without violating the rights of others‘.

In order to make money you need specialized knowledge. If you don’t have it, then find people (your master group) who can help you. Hill says ‘it pays to know how to purchase knowledge’.

If you don’t have money, decide what benefits you can you offer to each person in your group in return for their assistance. Compensation does not always need to come in the form of money.

You need likeminded people, counselors and mentors to help you forward, because wealth is best created with cooperation and support of others.

If you make a plan and it fails, it is only temporary. Make a new plan and move forward.


napoleon Hill

Imagination — the fifth step

Hill calls imagination the workshop where all plans are created. The only limitation we have lies in the progress and application of our imagination.

Know that ideas can be turned into cash through the power of fixed purpose and fixed plans. Almost every great wealth begins when the creator of ideas and the seller of ideas get together and work in harmony.

Working in harmony is absolutely crucial to attain wealth.

Organized planning — the sixth step

Hill says you must follow these six steps to help you get the exact job you desire:

  1. Decide exactly what job you want and if it doesn’t exist consider to create it
  2. Identify who you want to work for.
  3. Study your prospective employer carefully.
  4. Figure out what you can offer and plan accordingly.
  5. Don’t think about a job opening. Rather concentrate on what you can give.
  6. Once you have your plan, get it on paper—professionally!

According to Hill, how much you get paid and how long you will stayed employed at a place depends on the quality and quantity of your service including the attitude with which you do it.

It is most important that your conduct must be pleasing or harmonious. Pleasant service can make up where quality and quantity of service that are lacking

To conclude this section, Hill gives thirty reasons why men fail to achieve success in life. All these reasons can be overcome except reason 1

Reasons why men fail in life

  1. Inheriting poor mental faculty
  2. Not having a well defined purpose in life
  3. Settling for a mediocre life and lacking ambition
  4. Lacking education
  5. Lacking self discipline
  6. Being in poor health
  7. Bad environmental influences during childhood
  8. Procrastination
  9. Not persisting
  10. Pessimistic personality
  11. Being unable to control sexual urges
  12. Thinking you can attain wealth by giving nothing
  13. Indecision
  14. One or more of 6 basic fears
  15. Being married to the wrong person
  16. Not being born with
  17. Choosing the wrong business associates
  18. Being superstitious
  19. Being in the wrong career
  20. Lacking focus to achieve your aim
  21. Indiscriminate spending
  22. Lacking enthusiasm
  23. Being intolerant towards others
  24. Not showing respect and being rude to others
  25. Not cooperating with others
  26. Being in position of power that you did not earn
  27. Being dishonest on purpose
  28. Egotism and vanity
  29. Assuming facts without investigating properly
  30. Not having enough capital to buffer mistakes (especially during a start up business)

Think and Grow Rich is a book that teaches the importance of applying the mind to achieve anything you want in life. Stay true to your dreams, and don’t be discouraged by outside influences!

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Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you again soon!

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