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This blog came to life, because I relocate a lot and I wanted a place that I could always call home. Along the way I've found some favorite discoveries which I'm so happy to share here with you! 
Trying to find information about a place you want to travel to, or just seeking inspiration? Perhaps you'll find a hidden gem in the travel section to tickle your feet :)
Looking for elegant and approachable lifestyle solutions? Most of the items I share are under 100 Euro, but I also like to mix in quality investment pieces that can last a lifetime!
Always traveling with a book in your bag? Check out my curated top books. Most of them I’ve read myself or are ones I’m planning to read soon.
Thank you for dropping by Sincerely Elaine. I hope you find something here that will bring you great joy!


Sincerely, Elaine

...a few things i've learned from being a Millennial Global Nomad since I was 22.

- Get a hobby and stick with it. When life gets crazy outside, make sure you’re grounded within yourself. Working on something you love will give you a great sense of personal achievement. Writing and reading has always been my source of inspiration, as well as my greatest comfort.

- Just keep going. Eat, sleep, exercise, repeat! 

- Try to allow only quality items that bring real value or happiness into your life. 

- The world may be big, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Cultures may differ, but people are the same deep down. That goes for their characters and aspirations, too! You’ll always find someone who’s a kind soul, a joker, a devoted friend or parent, and so on.

When I’m not blogging, I write children’s books.

I'm a culture fanatic. Museums, art galleries, concert halls and libraries are my happy places!

My husband and I are childless by choice, but we have two fur babies: Lara the Labrador and Sparky, a street pup we took in in Pakistan.

“What’s with all the flowers on the site?” you might wonder. “Where did you get the ideas for the design?”

- The protea is South Africa's national flower, and symbolizes transformation. For me, it embodies supporting a lifestyle that enables you to become someone different, or a better version of yourself. 
- The Delft Blue and wallpaper pattern nods to Holland’s ever-popular, timeless pottery, something I love very much.
- The fern represents eternal youth. It also reminds me of my grandma, who will forever be in my heart.

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