9 Great Holiday Books

May 7, 2022

You’ve probably landed on this post because you are wondering what book to pack into your travel bag for the holidays. Not to worry, I’ve done the pre-reading for you! These are my suggestions for 9 Great Holiday Books because they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The story is memorable
  • The book is a page turner
  • The story is easy to digest

If you like these criteria, then read on!

1. The Couple at No.9, by Claire Douglas

I’m currently three quarters into this book and can’t put it down- which is why this page turner made it to the great holiday books list.

Saffy and Tom move into a new cottage and begin to renovate the place. When the workmen find two bodies, the couples’ lives are turned upside down!

The investigation turns to Saffy’s grandmother, Rose, who formerly owned the cottage, but Rose has Alzeimer’s and her memories are murky.

What happened thirty years ago in that cottage and is Saffy still in danger?

2. Verity, by Colleen Hoover

With psychological thrillers, I often see the end coming, but this book has one of the best end twists I’ve ever read!

Jeremy Crawford hires Lowen Ashleigh to complete his wife Verity’s series of popular books. Verity, a famous author, is unable to do the job herself due to an unfortunate accident.

Lowen spends her days in Verity’s office hoping to find some information to help her get started on the books, but her mission is soon diverted when she finds Verity’s unfinished autobiography full of horrifying confessions.

Lowen considers to keep the manuscript hidden from Jeremy, but when she starts to develop romantic feelings for him, she feels compelled to share the truth.

This memorable page turner will keep you hooked I’m sure, and therefore it is a great holiday book!

3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman

I just finished reading this book a few days ago, and had to put it on this list because the story is just so incredibly memorable and quirky!

A middle aged man returns home for a funeral, and decides to visit his childhood friend’s farm at the end of the lane. When he arrives at the Hempstock farm, he finds the grandmother still living there, but his childhood friend, Lettie Hempstock, has moved abroad.

Lettie used to call the pond in the backyard ‘an ocean’, he remembers, and he asks permission to go see the pond again after so many years. It is here at the pond that childhood memories come flooding back to him.

Want to get lost in a weird and quirky world while sipping on a cup of tea or a glass of wine? Then this great holiday book is for you!

4. The Secret History, by Donna Tartt

This thick book is bound to keep you busy for several hours during the holidays! In my opinion ‘The Secret History’ is somewhat slow paced and rambling at places (a slow burn thriller?) but I nevertheless loved reading it! You won’t easily forget a memorable plot like this!

Inspired by their classes in the Ancient Greek studies program, six eccentric students at an elite college in New England engage in a lifestyle of unconventional thinking that goes beyond the margins of everyday morality.

The story is told by Richard Papen (the latest edition to the group) who reflects on the sequence of events that led up to killing their fellow student Bunny.

A slow and entertaining read, perfect for a slow travel holiday!

5. It Ends with Us, by Colleen Hoover

This book made it to the list because it is not your typical ‘love story’. Reviewers either love it or hate it! If you are looking for a memorable love story that also addresses an important social issue, then this is the one!

Lily meets a handsome neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid and sparks fly. Ryle however makes it clear that he is not interested in a relationship, he only wants sex. Lily wonders what happened in Ryle’s life to make him so averse to having a real relationship. As the story progresses, Ryle falls madly in love with Lily, to the point that he becomes obsessed with her. Their romance seems to good to be true!

One day Lily’s unexpectedly runs into her first love from her youth and she begins to question the her relationship with Ryle.

6. The Last Mrs Parrish, by Liv Constantine

This is the perfect holiday book because it is so fun and entertaining! You’ll want to keep reading to see what crazy plans the villain comes up with next!

Amber Patterson wants a glamorous life and she will stop at nothing to get it. She comes up with a diabolical plan to infiltrate the lives of Daphne Parish and her wealthy husband Jackson.

The plan is easy: befriend Daphne Parish and steal her husband Jackson, but will she succeed?

7. The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion

This feel good book is easy to digest and fun to read!

Professor Don Tillman’s social life is a disaster. He is unable to make friends or get a second date. He also has difficulties with reading social cues.

A friend tells Don that he could be a good father, and this sparks the project to find a wife. After all; it is statistically probable that everyone can find a match! With checklist in hand, Don sets out to find the perfect wife– one that does not smoke, drink or arrive late… until he meets Rosie!

8. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, by Gail Honeyman

Socially inept Eleanor Oliphant has a carefully crafted life. She thinks she has it all under control until one day she and her office colleague, Raymond, save an old man after he falls on the pavement. This sets in motion a series of events which results in the three people saving each other from the life of loneliness they have all been living.

This is an enjoyable and memorable read–perfect for the holidays!

9. Pieces of Happiness, by Anne Ostby

If you liked the ‘Best Marigold Hotel’, then this book is for you!

Five women who have been friends for years, meet up on Cocoa farm in Fiji. Now in their 60’s, they want to make the best of the time they have left on earth and so they start up a chocolate business.

Azure-blue ocean, Fijian culture, friendship, chocolate, happiness… this feel good, easy to read book has all the elements that make for a great holiday read!

Hope you found this post useful! In case you are looking for more bookish inspirations why not check out 10 books every woman should read before she turns 30 or check out Feedspot’s fine selection of book blogs here.

Wishing you happy holidays!


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